Thursday, 10 November 2011

The Perfect Solution for Immigration Problems lies with Manchanda Law Offices, PLLC

The complicated and obligatory law of immigration makes it imperative to seek the services of an immigration lawyer. Problems related to immigration laws can differ from each other, with every case requiring its own set of applications, petitions and procedures to be filed under United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). Therefore, the services of a competent law firm can be vital on securing a favorable outcome to any immigration related issue. As a former member of prestigious American Immigration Lawyer Association Manchanda Law Offices helps in dealing with the following types of services that have been elaborated below.

• Petitions related to family based Immigration and Non-Immigration Visa: These petitions generally include the applications related to those of family members who are residing in the United States or outside. The other types of petitions that can be included are those pertaining to fiancĂ©es and foreign relatives. Applications pertaining to removal of conditions and authorization for a work permit are also dealt successfully by Manchanda-Law Offices.

• Employments based Petitions: This category generally includes H-1B Professionals, L-1 Transferees, O-1 Artists, also including those having extraordinary abilities, E-Treaty investors and J-1 Exchange visitors.

• Special Immigration Petitions and Projects: Religious workers, abused spouses, asylum seekers and F-1 students are able to file special immigration petitions ad projects under this category. Immigration visa lotteries and naturalization or citizenship applications are also treated as special cases of immigration law.

• Deportation and removal defense: Deportation or removal proceedings, criminal convictions, 245(i) and stays of deportation and cancellation of removal form an integral part of defense pertaining to deportation and removal.

The talented and expert immigration attorneys at Manchanda-Law offices provide assistance for getting appropriate solutions to many immigration issues. For more information on the immigration law and services provided by Manchanda Law, please visit

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