Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Manchanda Law Offices, PLLC is always there for any Business Immigration Needs

In a discussion with the attorney Professor Rahul Manchanda, Esq. - Principal Attorney of Manchanda Law Offices, PLLC located in Manhattan's illustrious Financial District, reveals number of matters and law-abiding procedures related to immigration laws.

Even the United States Businesses and Corporations, who hire foreign workers, also require legitimate guidance and legal services in order to provide safe working environment for the workers as well as the business. The Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), the enforcement branch of the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) have stringent policies to ensure proper legal status of the workers to work and live in United States.

Manchanda-Law, headquartered at 80 Wall Street, Suite 705, New York 10005, is a full service law firm with many experienced attorneys and legal professionals representing individual as well as corporate clients in complex legal matters from the last 10 years.

The services of Manchanda Law Offices, PLLC are rendered in following legal matters –

• Work Visas
• Out of Status Problems

• Extraordinary Ability Visas
• Criminal Issues

• Illegal Alien Workers
• Document Fraud

• Immigration Raids
• Payroll Issues

• I-9 Sanction Defense
• Tax Issues

• Deportation Defense
• Undocumented Workers

• Legalizing Foreign Workers
• US Consulate and Embassy Processing

• Bringing Skilled Workers to the US
• Waivers for Overstay, Criminal, Frauds

• US Customs
• Protecting Your Business

As an integral part of their reliability and reputation, Manchanda-Law Offices, PLLC has handled issues of the most powerful corporations and governmental organizations since decade. From Modeling Agencies, Construction and Contracting Companies, Fashion Houses, IT Companies, Oil & Gas Exploration, Automobile Giants, Nightclubs, Restaurants to other domestic and foreign banking business sectors, the law firm has provided successful legal representation for the complex legal matters.

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