Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Manchanda Law: Providing Legal Assistance for a Lawful Immigration

‘Illegal immigration,’ for any country it is the most contentious and challenging issue. People want to settle down in developed and progressing countries but somehow lack in fulfilling all the paperwork required and then enters the country by illegal means. This is not only against the law but also risky. The foremost reason for illegal immigration is lack of awareness and guidance in respect of legal documents and formalities required in order to apply for immigration. Manchanda-Law Offices is the reputed law firm who has taken up charge of guiding people towards immigration procedures.

The most important hitch faced by illegal immigrants is that they are not authorized to work and by unlawful means, if they get a job then it is undoubtedly a low skilled job. This is otherwise not accepted by the native citizens. Thus unauthorized migrants do not get jobs and pay scales according to their caliber. Many countries have reformed their immigration law in order to cut down the number of undocumented alien. Hence instead of illegally entering in a country and taking up all the risks, one should always consult an expert law firm and get all the paperwork done as per rules.

Now days, US government has introduced 20 different types of non-immigrant visas to facilitate the jobs for people from different nations, thereby opening a way towards success and growth for them. Manchanda Law firm’s expert and skilled attorneys are well versed with all the formalities and documents required for filling Permanent or temporary citizenship and guide people on availing different opportunities.

Hence the responsibility of a law firm is guiding and filling paper work in respect to Permanent or temporary citizenship, business, visitor or study visas along with dealing with problems that arise during the follow up for the procedures.

The Manchanda-Law Offices PLLC has emerged as a reliable law firm that provides legal assistance to people who wish to immigrate to USA. For assistance and counseling on any legal issue you can log on to their website:

Friday, 16 September 2011

A Lawful Guide for Successful Immigration & Citizenship - Manchanda Law

The authentic definition of Immigration law is “national government policies which control the events of immigration to their country.” Reading the above definition seems quite simple, but the procedure involved is generally complicated, lengthy and even expensive. In the past few decades, the employment-based immigration to developed countries has increased manifolds. In addition, getting an official Permanent Resident status, or a “green card,” is a tedious and stressful job.

With the increasing heads for immigration towards United States of America, the Government of the country decided to introduce the “Preference system” in the immigration law. This preference system is based upon the nature of the employment in terms of educational level and ability required. Different groups are created depending upon the preferences as first, second and third group. People falling under first group can easily obtain the citizenship in contrast to other two groups. A lengthy procedure awaits the people under other two groups or for people who do not qualify for any preference group. Under these circumstances, Manchanda-Law Offices PLLC emerged as a reliable law firm that provides legal assistance to people who are willing to immigrate to USA for education, jobs or business purpose.

The firm has veteran attorneys and professionals from American Immigration Lawyers Association, who ensure that the needy people get accurate, well-updated and complete knowledge on reformed Immigration law. The firm lends its hands in filling documents related to different immigration cases like-: Family-Based Immigrant and Non-Immigrant Visa Petitions, Employment-Based Visa Petitions, Deportation and Removal Defense, and Immigration Appeals, Special Immigration Petitions and Projects.

The highly experienced and talented attorneys of the firm help people by recommending the wisest route to take in obtaining a visa approval or a green card. Whatever the need, turning to legal professionals can be much more hassle-free and efficient than moving forward by your own. Hence, one should always make use of legal assistance for successful immigration to any country. An unauthorized immigration means illegal entry to a nation and if once charged, it can ruin whole life.

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Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Overcome Immigration Related Issues with Manchanda Law Offices, PLLC

A Lawyer’s job demand detailed research, planning, organizing and strategizing facts and data before going in to a Court room, as someone’s life, money, property, self respect and peace of mind might be at stake. Their fields of specialization include areas such as immigration law, business law, international law, criminal law, family law, environmental law, bankruptcy law and more. Manchanda-Law Offices PLLC helps you to attain freedom from any type of legal issue that has gone over your nerves.

United States is the most preferred country when it comes to immigration but after the terrible incident of September 11, 2001 that took away lives of thousands, the laws that govern immigration to this country have been changed to become more stringent. Thus, it requires guidance and skills of a professional expert to lead the process of immigration through the intricacy of regulations, red tape and qualifications.

Permanent citizenship or work visa; non-US citizens who wish to have anyone of this would always need someone reliable who has taken pains to remain up-to-date on current amendments related to immigration laws. In some cases, an employer might approach one of these firms in order to help potential employees immigrate to America for professional purposes. Even some family issues may arise because of not understanding and fulfilling the immigration law.

If you are a permanent resident of United States of America, the process to bring an official spouse to your native country requires various sets of immigration rules and procedures that only professionally qualified attorneys can accomplish. Well-versed, talented and highly experienced attorneys of Manchanda-Law offices handle cases of spouse and fiancé immigration successfully. Immigration of a spouse or fiancé require filing of a visa request, either marriage visa or fiancé visa.

Manchanda-Law Offices PLLC has vast experience in resolving immigration and visa cases successfully. The proficient and capable professionals of their respective fields are associated as lawyers and attorneys with this law firm. For more details about different types of legal services, visit

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Manchanda Law - Providing Impeccable Legal Advice As Per The Latest Immigration Laws

For years, America has been a dream destination for numerous people across the globe. As such it is natural that there are countless fake immigration agents and law firms, which despite claiming to provide all assistance to people willing to migrate to America, rarely do much more than help them purchase a ticket or get their visa approved. Unfortunately, not many people are aware of the fact that immigration to any country, including America is an extremely complex process that needs to be carried out in a legal manner to ensure a peaceful and prosperous future. In fact, there are very few law firm offering lawful immigration services to their clients, and Manchanda-Law Offices, PLLC, is one of these select few firms.

The attorneys appointed by Manchanda Law Offices, PLLC, despite being immensely knowledgeable and experienced in the field of immigration laws, ensure to keep themselves abreast of the frequent changes being made in the immigration laws. They are well aware of the fact that immigration is a very vital decision in the lives of most of their clients and even a minor oversight can give rise to serious issues in the immigration process. Their in-depth understanding of the immigration laws helps them to guide their clients in the best possible manner besides ensuring that all the formalities related to immigration are completed successfully.

With an experience of more than ten years in helping people settle down in America, Manchanda Law Offices, PLLC, has become a trustworthy name in the field of immigration law. Catering to global clients, the firm is known to put in its best efforts to ensure positive outcome in even the most complex cases of immigration. Being true professionals, the firm charges varying fees from diverse clients, which is based on the complexity of individual cases, the amount of work involved and the time needed to be spent on every individual case.

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Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Rectifying The Inherent Inequality In The Immigration Law System

Having practiced Criminal Defense, Immigration Law, Deportation Defense, and Civil Rights Law in New York City for the past 10 years, I have observed that an unfortunate and inherent characteristic of the Immigration Law System in this country involves a major flaw at its core - the “Beneficiary/Sponsor” relationship.

This flawed process vests too much power and authority into the hands of regular Americans and companies, without care for whether or not they are good people, mentally sane, cruel, racist, or otherwise deeply flawed individuals. It literally gives them the power of life and death over tens of millions of foreigners who reside in the United States. If that “Sponsor” decides to, on a whim, they can overturn, disrupt, and ravage the lives that the “Beneficiary” has built up over years, sometimes decades, thus destroying not only their lives, but the lives of their dependents and family members depending on them for their next meal or their homes.

Whether its an unscrupulous Employer or Abusive Spouse (male or female) who pulls the rug out from under the unfortunate but hopelessly dependent Employee or Spouse (male or female), the results are always the same - abyss for the Beneficiary. That’s why its always important, at every immigration consultation that I have ever done, that I ask if that person who is now in the throes of Immigration oblivion, if they were ever married, employed, or a victim of crime. Astonishingly, nearly 90% of the time, this was the case, and that individual is eligible for either a VAWA Petition (spousal abuse if married to a US Citizen/Greencard Holder), a U Visa Petition (victim of crime from an undocumented spouse in the US or other unscrupulous Sponsor or company paying below minimum wages or other labor violations), or an S Visa (the Immigrant having knowledge of crime), or a T Visa (victim of trafficking).

Unfortunately, oppression, slavery, exploitation, and abuse were inherent characteristics of this Nation when it was founded, as this country was built on the backs of slave labor while exterminating the indigenous people living in the United States, and old habits die hard. The Immigration Law system in this country has unfortunately (whether consciously or not) inherited this bloody and unfair legacy of oppression on those less fortunate for the enrichment and aggrandizement of its oppressors.

Together we can surgically excise that inherent cruelty from the US Federal government and its Immigration Legal Codes, by asking the right questions, and rescuing our nation’s most vulnerable populations (the Immigrants) from the deathgrip and jaws of tyranny by pursuing the types of immigration relief and remedies I have described above.

I am a “bulldog” Criminal Defense/Immigration Law/Deportation Defense Attorney, and I promise you that if I am your Attorney, I will not relent or ever give up on you or your case, regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, or creed.

As a minority myself, I have seen the serious abuses of the system and the oppressive/unfair/racial discriminatory treatment meted out by those officials charged with safeguarding our Judicial and Criminal Justice System, and I remember that each and every single time I take on a new case, I make sure to inject into all of my Associate Attorneys and Legal Staff the same passion, indignation, fighting spirit, and protection of the civil and god given inalienable rights of each and every client I have the privilege to represent, whether their case is big or small, it doesn’t matter. It’s your life, and you want and need the BEST.

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Monday, 5 September 2011

Manchanda Law – Providing Passionate And Expert Defense Against Discrimination

Discrimination in any form is not only morally wrong in civilized societies but also against the law of United States of America. Despite that, numerous cases of discrimination are reported everyday throughout the length and breadth of America. Even though racial and sexual discrimination are more common, there are also cases of discrimination based on physical disabilities, social status, and even economic backgrounds, which deride the whole idea of equal opportunities and rights for every citizen. Manchanda Law Offices, PLLC has emerged as a prominent name amongst the law firms that work hard towards eradication the menace of discrimination from American society by helping people successfully fight for their rights of equality in the court of law.

For numerous people, Manchanda Law has become a name to be revered as the firm has played a significant role in helping them fight the injustice meted out to them at their work-place, education institutions, and social establishments or even at home. The attorneys at the law firm understand that discrimination not only destroys the self-confidence of a person but also cause great mental and emotional distress. As such they ensure that they treat cases of discrimination with great sensitivity without compromising the zealousness and devotion quintessential for a positive outcome. They firmly believe that every success in a case of discrimination, contributes significantly towards the overall improvement of the social outlook.

The attorneys at Manchanda-Law are not only well versed in all the existing laws related to various forms of discrimination but also keep updating themselves about any changes in them. They closely monitor every new ruling that brings even minute changes so as to determine their impact on the current cases of their clients. Their honest and reliable advice to clients enables people to take the best course of action after reviewing various issues thoroughly. They are committed to fight against discrimination of all types and make it a point to provide not only legal advice and represent them in the court of law, but also help their clients in negotiating settlement.

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